Visionary Wetland 12×42 binoculars

wetland 12x42

For use where your subject is small, or at a long distance, the
extra power afforded by Visionary’s new 12x42 Wetland binocular
can make the image you view more worthwhile. The difference may be
the ability to make a clear identification of a species or object,to be able to read distant text or recognize a person.
Considering its power, the Wetland 12x42 is compact and light
enough to be hand held and, as you’d expect from the name, it’s
completely waterproof.  These binoculars will even withstand
complete immersion in water, so they would not be damaged if
dropped in a stream while walking on moorland, for example.  Like the rest of the popular Wetlands range, they can therefore be usedwith complete confidence in foul weather conditions.
The binoculars are protected against damage by a tough rubber
coating with a pattern of raised rubber grip points where your
fingertips hold the upper surfaces and smooth contours on the
undersides, to avoid discomfort to the palms of the hands. 

Focusing is via a large, rubber coated center knob and an easy-to-grip eyepiece adjuster.
Twist action eye cups allow setting between the click locks at
fully extended and retracted positions, so you can find a point
that is comfortable with or without spectacles and places your eyeat the correct distance from the eyepiece.
Bak4 roof prisms and multi-coated lenses are used to ensure
optimum image brightness, colour clarity and sharpness. 
To prevent any internal fogging of the optics during low
temperature usage, the binoculars are filled with nitrogen and
A standard tripod thread is fitted beneath a protective cap, 
allowing the binocular to be used with one of the various supports available as optional accessories, such as a tripod, hide clamp
 or car window mount.
Lens caps for the larger, objective lenses are attached to the
body by a removable rubber gaiter, to stop them being lost, and
the eyepiece cap is attached to the binocular strap, with a slot 
allowing it to be pushed right out of your way, when the binos are in use. The left and right eyepiece covers are separated by a
flexible strip, so you can leave the binoculars at your chosen
adjustment, immediately ready for their next use.
All Visionary Wetland binoculars are supplied complete with a 10 
ear guarantee, a good quality pouch case, straps and caps.

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