Visionary Classic 10×50 binoculars review (new model)


Please note this is the new 2013 version of the classic design, and not to be confused with the older model still in circulation

The 10×50 is a great pair of binoculars for general use and astronomy.

BK-7 prisms and fully coated optics give better than expected results than the low price would sugest.
Very good internals give virtually no internal reflection to help enhance contrast. You get a slightly softer image than BaK-4 prism / fully multi coated optics, but then again these are not over £100

Field of view is a generous 122m @ 1000m. This is ideal for following moving targets

There is some chromatic aberration, which is to expected. However this will not distract you from the enjoyment.
A flat field gives much better edge of field quality than you would expect from a pair of binoculars in this price range.

Handling is excellent. An over sized focus wheel makes focusing easy with gloves on.

They feel lighter than the old design, yet feel more sturdy at the same time.
The build quality of the IPD central bar adjustment is much better on this model. Also the right eye adjustment
has also been improved with a ribbed outer rubber layer.

Note that the IPD is narrower on the new model. This makes them  great for responsible children, as well as adults. But be aware that adults will need to open them out quite wide to get the full view. I personally found this was not an issue

Eye relief remains quite short. So maybe not recommended for spectacle wearers

Case, strap and lens caps all remain unchanged

In our opinion 10/10 value for money


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