Visionary Nature Scout 2 10×42 binoculars review

The Visionary Nature scout 2 10×42 binocular replaces the first version, with a new single hinge body compared to the older models open hinge design. For such a low cost set (£64.99 at the time of this blog post), the first impression is very good. Rather than a plain black box the older model came in, this version has a much more vibrant white finish with some text on it.

The nylon case is standard. But has a thick padded strap and quality lens covers. So often with budget binoculars, you instantly have an idea of their low cost when you take them out the case. This is not the case with the Visionary Nature scout 2 . They most certainly do not feel cheap . The finish for such a low cost set is excellent. At only 610g they feel light and balance well in the hands.

Controls are also better than the price suggets. The focus wheel and dioptre adjustment are both silky smooth. In fact the dioptre wheel can be easily moved using one finger with the eye cup down.  With regards close focus, many budget binoculars have close focus of 4-5 metres. But not so with these, as I found close focus to be 2.5m. The twist eye cups, again are better than expected. The older version twist eyecups were a little stiff. Not so with the latest model, as they move very freely, yet stay in place once set. Once again, they do not feel cheap. I estimated eyerelief at around 14mm, and found for non spectacle wearers the twist eye cups are best left half way out.

So with regards build quality and handling, lots of boxes ticked. So what about the optics ?. These are BK7 prisms to keep costs down. Eyepieces look to have filly coated optics, with the 42mm objectives being (in my opinion) multi-coated. Field of view is 102m @ 1000m. So looking through the eyepieces, how do they perform ?. Do not expect crytal clear view with zero chromatic aberration at this price. But what you do get is a very capable set of binoculars in this price range. The view is more than adequate, giving nice colours and average contrast. Whites are more of a creamy white, rather than a brilliant white (sounding like a paint advert I know, but sums it up). Contrast is of a level to match the price.

Even in the centre of view there is some false colour, which gets worse towards the edges. Saying that, in low contrast situations, this will be less visible. There is some pincusion distortion. But edge of field sharpness is on par , or slightly better than others I have seen in this price range.

Suming up, these are much better than expected for handling and build quality, and very acceptable for binoculars of this size in the 10x42mm category

See HERE for a short video review


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