Celestron Skymaster 25×70 Binoculars review


Unlike the 15×70 Sky-masters, I would say these are designed for terrestrial use rather than astronomy observations. Straight out the box, they look exactly like the 15x70s in design and weight. Complete with a tripod adapter that is OK, but you might wish to get a more sturdy upgrade.

So how are they to use ?. First things first, they eye relief is much less than the 15x version, so you will need to have the eye cups folded down at all times (even without wearing glasses). That aside, I was pleasantly surprised with the image. Field of view is quoted at just 2.7 degrees, so I was expecting a very narrow view. This was not the case, as the image you get seems much wider than this.  Also I found there was less false colour than the 15x70s. Others may disagree with that, but its how I saw it with the models I tested.

At 1.4kg they are not light, but I found them easy to hand hold for a few minutes at a time. The design is basic, but functional and easy to use.

With a close focus of 75 ft don’t expect to use for birds in the back garden. These are designed for long distance work only.

Summing up, I would certainly give them a better than expected award. After using the 15×70 Sky Masters, I was expecting 25x to be too much. This is not the case

Highly recommended

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