Barr & Stroud 8×42 Series 4 Binoculars review

Optical excellence in a pair of binoculars , with build quality to match. The series 4 range gives almost ED glass results in terms of brightness, contrast and colours , at a fraction of the price.

The pair I tested was the 8×42 version. They¬†come packaged in a solid carry case. First thing out the box you will notice how well put together they are. Not the most attractive open hinged body shape however. When I first looked through them, I was slightly disappointed with the field of view, which is far from the widest in class.

The slight issue with the field of view was where the disappointment ended. If ever there was a pair of binoculars that got better with every second, this was them. The quality of image equals many pairs twice the price. Very good internal baffling means there is no internal reflection.

Easy to use with very long eye relief for the spectacle wearer. Rubber body with moulded hand grips add to the easy handling.  Very lightweight for their size and balance perfectly in the hands. The twist eye cups are amongst the best I have come across.

Highly recommended

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