Skywatcher 6×30 erect image finderscope 20932. A review with a difference


Rather than look at the night sky, I deceided to give the Skywatcher 6×30 erect image angled finder a test on a nice sunny day. This lovely little finder is often overlooked by its 9×50 bigger brother, but gives fantastic views.

So testing on buildings and lamp posts I found the following. 6x magnification is more than adequate for general use with a nice wide field. Eye relief is good for spectacle wearers. But the two big plus points other than the sharp view were the edge of field quality and most impressively the lack of chromatic aberration , not only in the centre, but on the edge. I have looked through dedicated high end monoculars with more false colour. With this in mind, its a shame there is a cross hair, and I was unable to work out a way of fitting to a tripod. But I,m sure I,ll find one compatible with a Skywatcher shoe soon. How much would you pay for a high quality 6×30 monocular with virtually no CA ?. £100 + ?. Yet at under £45 the Skywatcher 6×30 erect image finder is a worthy alternative providing you don`t  mind the cross hair and can find a way of mounting it

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