illusion 20×50 monocular bundle. Customer purchase


The illusion 20×50 monocular was the optics of choice at the Northern Optics¬†weekend display recently. We had a partially sighted customer who due to their condition made binoculars impracticable. The reason they wanted them was to look at costal birds at a distance. Lower powered monoculars such as 7x and 8x were not up to the job.

Yet the 20x power of the illusions were just what they were looking for. Multi-coated optics gave excellent contrast , brightness and colours despite the small 2.5mm exit pupil. Another plus point was the eye relief was long enough to use with glasses on. This is where many high powered monoculars fall short.  The customer also found the focus very easy. Once they had decided on the monocular, they needed a tripod. The budget one was not tall enough, but the Visionary VT-70 was perfect, with it being high enough, sturdy yet light enough and came with a carry case

The illusion 20×50 monocular bundle comes with a case, wrist strap, mini tripod and hand grip. This particular bundle is very limited and may still be available from some stockists

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