Visionary Inara 9×36 binoculars


What you don’t get with these binoculars is an ultra compact lightweight design. What you do get is a premium pair of binoculars, solidly built and capable of withstanding the odd knock or two.

As you would expect in this price range, you get fully multi coated optics, phase corrected prisms and nitrogen waterproofing.

Handling is excellent, with a rubber covered body, large focusing wheel and silky smooth twist out eye cups.

Although the quality of image is very good, you will find your self constantly adjusting the focus, as there is a small sweet spot of sharp focus. I am assured by the supplier that this is not the case with the 7.5 x 36 version. For this reason, the 9×36 may not suit the beginner.

9×36 is an unusual combination, and will help bridge the gap between 32mm and 42mm binoculars.

On testing I found that accurate setting of the dioptre adjustment makes a big difference to the quality of image.

On the plus side, they are extremely  well constructed. Much better than many others in this class, and they will last for many years.

  • Specs
  • Magnification 9x
  • Lens size 36mm
  • Field of view 130m @ 1000m
  • Width 108mm
  • Height 56mm
  • IPD 58 ~ 74mm
  • Field 110m
  • Weight 565g
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