How To Hand Hold Large Binoculars

If a tripod, mono pod or other steadying device is not available, there is a simple trick to help handĀ hold largeĀ binoculars relatively steady when out in the field.

Its simply a question of balance. With binoculars that have larger lenses of 60mm or more you will find them very front heavy. When you try to hold them near the eyepiece end in the conventional manner, you will find them a strain to hold.

To get round this, its simply a question of balance. Once you have set the focus, try holding them half way down, or even right at the end where the main lenses are. Its a question of finding where they balance in your hands without leaning forwards or backwards.

Using this technique, I have found hand holding 60-70mm binoculars for long periods very easy. Even trying 90 – 100mm binoculars weighting 4.5kg I found I could hold them steady for short periods.

This is more useful for terrestrial observing rather than astronomy.

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