Visionary HD 20×80 CF binoculars

The Visionary HD 20×80 CF binoculars are an improvement on the standard version. They differ not in optics, but with the focus mechanism and housing. Although the original model had great optics, and won best in class in a magazine shoot out, they were restricted to infinity or near infinity focus. This was perfect for astronomy, long distance terrestrial and ship spotting.

What was needed was the ability to focus closer so you could use for mid distance observing down to around 30m. This is made possible with a different focus mechanism and  housing which allows for more outward focus travel . I found this works nicely and does not alter handling. In fact the focus movement seems much smoother. So as you have probably guessed , CF stands for close focus. Or should I say closer focus.

The parts are made in China as per the older model , but are assembled and tested in the UK. This does a little to the price tag. Available to purchase, subject to availability from Northern Optics

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