North Lincs Astro meeting . 3rd December 2018

20 members / regulars were in attendance for the North Lincolnshire astronomy society meeting on Monday 3rd December 2018. Where we was treated to a stunning practical , video, audio presentation about the Gemini mission by John Dunthorne. In particular the Apollo 8 space craft and crew. Also included was a look at the history and possible future of Lunar exploration.

Thank you as always to Glenys and Malcolm for the teas, which included extra treats with it being so close to Christmas. Also to Steve for the extra sausage roles.

For once we had clear skies, if a little frosty. Where yours truly set up my large observational binoculars and camera. Sadly there was little or no interest from the rest of the group in staying on. So I was left on my own doing some DSLR wide field imaging.

Thank you for the Lincs wildlife trust for the use of the venue. For more information on the the society visit theĀ North Lincs astro society web site

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