Are Bridge cameras suitable for digiscoping

Are Bridge cameras suitable for digiscoping ?. Often at the Northern Optics retail outlet, or over the phone, customers will ask this question.

As I always say, “I,ll be cruel to be kind” and say that Bridge cameras + digiscoping or astrophotography don’t mix. Simple reason for this , is that you have a large camera lens, trying to take images through a smaller telescope lens. Because of this, you will have to zoom in a lot on the camera to get full screen. This may not be possible, and if it is, the results will disappoint.

For digiscoping, a small compact digital camera is well suited for taking images through a telescope or spotting scope lens. With the smaller aperture of the compact camera you will only need to zoom in 2 or 3 times to get full screen.

Another option that works great is a DSLR or SLR body. You will need a t-ring or a t-adapter for this. Consult Northern Optics for further advice on digiscoping

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