North Lincs Astro 14/10/2011

The North Lincolnshire Astronomy society met up for an informal meeting at the Far ings nature reserve at Barton Upon on the 14th October 2011. At short notice only a few members arrived, but we had a great evening.

Equipment used was a pair of 20×90 Helios Quantum-4 and Visionary wetland binoculars. Scopes used were Skywatcher 6″ Dob and Skywatcher 6″ Newtion on an EQ-3. Various eye pieces were used, from standard skywatchers to a Vixen LVW 22mm and a good choice of superb Televue,s.

Bright targets were the Moon and Jupiter. The Moon was quite dazzling. We had some very steady skies, so the detail on Jupiter was outstanding.

Double stars seen were Cor Caroli, Mizar/Alcor and Alberio.

Deep space targets viewed were, M81, M82, M15, M27, M13, the Wild Duck cluster, the famous double cluster. and the Andromeda Galaxy. All of these were visible, despite the Moon glow and light pollution.


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