Celestron X-cel LX 9mm eyepiece. First Impressions

This is a review of build quality rather than an optics test. I received my Celestron X-cel LX 1.25″ 9mm today. First thing out the box, I noted how well built it was. Not the lightest eye piece in class, but felt solid and built to last.
The black 1.25″ barrel maqkes it stand out from the usual silver/chrome.

The twist eye cup is smooth throughout the range. No click stops, but holds nicely in place once set. The eye piece is very wide at 25mm wide. I found that with the twist cup fully in I could easily see the full circle with spectacles on.

Comes complete with lens covers at each end and a bolt case

Although my full optics test will come at a later date, I came to a fast conclusion that you get a lot of eye piece for the price of £71 (2010 RRP)


Buy Celestron X-cel LX Eyepieces online here


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