Helios Nitrosport 10×34 binoculars. Blog post October 2019

A customer came to the Optics weekend at Northern Optics looking for a lightweight set of binoculars with higher magnification. Firstly they were looking at 25/26mm compacts. But then the Helios Nitrosport 10×34 binoculars were given to them so they could try. At first glance the larger body compared to the compacts put them off. But when they held them, they were surprised, at only 422g at how light they were. This makes them one of the lightest binoculars in this size.

After finding they fitted in a coat pocket, which was another box ticked, they took them outside to try out , looking over the lake full of wildlife. The brightness compared to the Helios Nitrosport 10×26 and 8×26 made it an easy choice.

From our point of view the Helios nitrosport offer amazing value for money with great optics, waterproof body and a 5 year warranty.


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