Hawke Frontier HD X 8×32 binoculars. Blog post April 2019

A customer visited the Northern Optics stand Optics weekend at the Waters` Edge visitor centre in North Lincolnshire with around £250 to spend on binoculars as a gift idea.  Optically the Hawke Sapphire 42mm models ticked all the boxes, but were slightly to large. Once they were introduced to the Hawke HD X 8×32 binoculars , the customer was instantly impressed with the optics.

Despite not being ED glass, the brightness and clarity the fully multi-coated optics and dielectric coated prisms gave was a game changer. The customer found them much better than standard quality options. Given the low weight, they commented on how solid they felt. The lifetime warranty gave the customer additional confidence in the product.

Other plus points from the customer, was the wide field of view and being very easy to handle.



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