Ursa Major wide field image using an Ostara 2″ moon skyglow filter 27.2.17

In between the clouds I managed this wide field image of a section of Ursa Major. Used a Canon EOS 1100D. 30 seconds at 18mm. ISO 3200, RAW file and mounted on the Visionary VT70 tripod. So how did I connect an Ostara 2″ moon skyglow filter ?. I simply rested it on the camera lens. This filter removes much of the orange sky glow, with the remaining taken away in Canon digital photo professional.

The passing clouds add a nice effect

The Ostara Moon / Skyglow filter can be purchased from Northern Optics HERE . This is a popular filter with the members of the North Lincs astro astronomy society who tell me it performs as good as another dedicated light pollution filter.

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