Hawke Frontier ED 8×42 , Endurance PC 8×25 customer purchases 26.2.17

At the Northern Optics outlet this weekend , a couple of Hawke binoculars were on customer shopping lists. Firstly a gentleman was looking for a top quality 8×42 set of binoculars in the £200 – £250 range. He instantly enjoyed the bright and clear view the Hawke Frontier ED 8×42 gave. Compared to the slightly bigger Frontier 8×43 ED, these are truly outstanding value for money. These are a set up from the award winning Endurance ED range with a wider view, sharper optics and better build quality.

The 2nd customer wanted a high quality set for around £100. For this price the Hawke Endurance PC 8×25 were perfect.See image top right. As well as great optics, a big tick in the box was the double hinged design, meaning they could be folded up and put in a handbag. From a personal point of view, the Endurance PC 25mm binoculars are a perfect choice if the Sapphire range are above your budget

Both customers mentioned the importance of buying local and supporting local businesses. Plus with this they had the added benefit of trying before you buy

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