Hawke Frontier ED 8×43 binoculars. Easy to handle comment from a customer

A customer came to the Northern Optics weekend outlet at the Waters` edge visitor centre, Lincs, looking for a replacement set of binoculars for his trusty older set. Having heard about how good the Hawke brand are, Northern Optics, being the premier outlet for Hawke in North Lincs, the Waters` edge centre Barton was the place to be.

It was a case of 3rd time lucky. The Sapphire 8×43 ED were excellent optics, but a little too large. On the flip side of this the Endurance 10×32 ED were too small. So in the spirit of Goldilocks and the three bears, the Frontier ED 8×43 were just right. Although similar to the Sapphire, the Frontier open hinge gave a better grip.
Bargain at just £249 (price correct at the time of this post)

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