TMB Supermonocentric 10mm eyepiece


Regarded by many as the ultimate Planetary eyepiece, the TMB Supermoncentric 1.25″ range have stood the test of time by those who still use them today. The image shows my own 10mm version that still looks and functions like new after 25+ years.

A 3 element lens assembly with outstanding optics and fantastic internal baffling makes it my number one choice for double star splitting. This is not a wide angle view or has long eye relief, but I find it very easy to use. For double star viewing you need pin points of light with no flaring. For this , I am yet to find a modern eyepiece to match it

This is certainly not your usual Chinese mass produced eyepiece. What you do get is German engineering at its best. Remember I said I’ve had this eyepiece for around 25 years. Take a look at the image and try and find a typical mass produced eyepiece that wears that well. Very expensive to buy new, but if you can find a quality used one, go for it. You wont be disappointed

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