Celestron Inspire 90 AZ short tube telescope #22407

The celestron Inspire 90 AZ telescope is a true dual use telescope. Erect image eyepieces with a wide field of view makes it ideal for both astronomical and terrestrial targets.

A no tool set up means it is very easy to put together and get using in fast time. Unlike a number of Celestron telescopes, the Inspire series come with a Starfinder-Pro finderscope, and an illuminated accessory trap. On the subject of the accessory tray, the design allows for the legs to be folded with no need to remove it.

The 1.25″ 10mm and 20mm eyepieces give a sensible 33x and 66x magnification, with many more eyepieces available.

If not using for visual work, the fast 660mm f7.3 focal length makes it ideal for deep sky imaging with aDSLR camera. But you will need to upgrade the mount to an EQ version with a motor for this.

Fully coated optics, helps keep the price affordable. But do not be put off by the standard lens coatings, as many telescopes nowadays with FC optics can be very good. In particular if you keep the magnification at a sensible level (hence the eyepieces included)

One last bonus with the inspire range of Celestron telescopes is the smart phone adapter. This allows photos and videos to be taken through the eyepieces. We recommend using the 33x (20mm) for this

Available to purchase from Northern Optics



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