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The Celestron Landscout 7×35 binoculars are as tough as they come with amazing optics. I find this range is not discussed much on forums, so thought I would take a look.

You are greeted with a sturdy outer box showing a colour image of the binoculars and full specs. Inside you find a couple of straps. A nylon one for the case and a padded one for your neck. The case is nylon, but very good quality with a buckle rather than the usual Velcro. Inside is nicely padded and a very snug fit.

So 1st thing you notice with the binoculars is that they are heavier than your average set. But this is simply because of the rugged build quality that gives you confidence these will last. Although they balance so nicely in the hands, they do not feel weighty.

Everything from the body grip to the twist eye cups and focuser oozes quality. Best thing with these is the optics. The relatively compact 35mm objectives give outstanding brightness and contrast with less false colour than many   so called ED glass binoculars.

You get a very flat field across the extreme picture window 163m @ 1000m field of view. Yes that`s 9.3 degrees. This makes finding moving targets very easy, and believe me the difference between 8x and 7x is minimal. So do not let the low magnification put you off.

The large 5mm exit pupil and oversized prisms (porro) give brilliant low light performance. Summing up, these are a hidden gem that has gone well under the radar.

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  • Build quality 10/10
  • Optics 8.5/10
  • Value for money 8/10


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