Which type of binocular tripod adapter should I buy

Binoculars are available as either Porro prism or Roof prism options. Most of which accept binocular tripod adapters. But which one should you choose. The choices are standard or slim.

Standard tripod adapter. These are typically fine for porro prism binoculars. Being wider and and more substantial, they are more suited to larger binoculars.  Go for a metal one for better stability. Cheaper plastic ones may disappoint. Porro prism binoculars have a deeper internal thread, so the adapter has a longer thread to aid secure fitting. You can use a slim tripod adapter on porro prism binoculars, but the shorter thread may not be enough to hold them steady.

Slim tripod adapter. With the roof prism design of binoculars there is simply not enough of a gap inbetween the lenses to fit a standard adapter. Hence the need for the slim option. A little tricky to fit compared to porro prism binoculars due to the more limited space.

Some roof prism binoculars have the internal thread nearer the front, allowing for the wider adapter to be fitted. Unfortunately there is not enough internal thread to accept the long threaded standard adapter. In this case washers can be added

If unsure which binocular tripod adapter is for you, contact Northern Optics for expert advice

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