Skywatcher star adventurer min WIFI (SAM) 50202, 50203, 50205


Get great deep sky long exposure photos with the new Skywatcher adventurer min. With a 3kg pay load capacity it is perfect for DSLR cameras with a standard lens upto 55mm. This means you will be able to get amazing wide field images of the night sky

Also has a time lapse setting for day and night use. With the free WIFI app, you can get control direct from your Android and iOS platforms

Complete with 1/4 and 3/8 tripod connections for use with most tripods. We recommend using as sturdy a tripod as budget will allow

Powered by 2x AA batteries or external source. Polar scope and illuminator included with the full bundle. Camera, tripod and 1kg counterweight extra

Click  HERE to buy

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