Ostara Elinor 8×45 binoculars review, by North Lincs Astro


A member of the North Lincs Astronomy group was looking for a high quality pair of binoculars to compliment her telescope. At a recent meeting she looked through larger 50, 56 and 70mm binoculars. However at this meeting date, the Ostara Elinor 8×45 binoculars¬†were also on display. The member was blown away by the image quality and handling.

The comment was made that it gave a sharper and brighter image than other binoculars in the 50mm to 70mm range. This despite them only having 45mm objectives. Although they accept a tripod adapter, she found them easy to hand hold, despite the Windy conditions. Views of M45, M42 and the Moon were outstanding. The wide 145m @ 1000m makes them the perfect wide field binoculars

Goes without saying, her mind was made up very quickly. Also the fact that , as part of the North Lincs Astro club, there was a massive discount to help

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