Opticron Vista EX 10×50 Binoculars

Questions I was asking myself before testing these binoculars was. What do you get for £59.00. What will be wrong with them. What corners will have been cut to sell at this price. Believe me, it just took one look through them to dismiss my fears

First thing you will notice is how light they feel in the hands. Secondly and most important is the clear view you get. These are well up there with the Helios Field masters at a similar price.

You dont get a wide field of view like many more compact binoculars, but the image is bright, clear and has minimal chromatic aberration. Perfect for general use and astronomy.

As with many porro prism binoculars you do not get close focus, but will suffice for looking at birds in your back garden.

Handling is very easy with a large focus wheel and smooth dioptre adjustment. The rubber body really feels the part, making them secure in the hands

Eye cups are fold down, but this also helps keep the price low. Prisms are BaK-4

So if you are looking for a no thrills pair of practical binoculars that will do the job for under £60, then go for it. You wont be disappointed.

Buy Opticron Vista EX binoculars online here


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