Opticron Discovery WP PC 8×50 Binoculars Review

If like me you are OK with handling large binoculars, the 800g discoveries should be no problem. If on the other hand weight is a big issue, then they are not for you. The 50mm version are one of those binoculars that give you the wow factor on first use. The image is way brighter and sharper than the 42mm models.

The long 21mm eye relief and wide 122m field gives an outstanding image. Low light performance is incredible, making them suitable for hunting as well as birdwatching. Unlike some larger binoculars that struggle with close focus, these focus down to around 1.5m !

Visually they are the same design , and come with identical (if larger) case and lens caps. All controls are silky smooth and handling is superb.

Highly recommended if the extra weight is not a problem. Ans believe me, these are heavy if you are carrying around for long periods.

At just £10 more than the 10x42s, I can give nothing less than 10/10 for value for money



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