Olivon FZ 8×40 binoculars


Olivon  FZ 8×40 waterproof Binoculars

The first thing that you notice whenyou take them out the boxis that they are amazingly tough.  Featuring a very tough shock resistant and fully waterproof body the FZ 8×40 feel 100% reliable. These are not light binoculars, but look neat, compact and they feel good to hold.

The high quality BAK4, fully multicoated optics deliver outstanding images

If you prefer a strong, sturdy and traditional style binocular that delivers the goods optically and won’t let you down out in the field, then consider the Olivon FZ 8x40s

  • Fully multicoated optics
  • Nitrogen waterproof
  • Bak-4 prisms
  • Tough build quality
  • 10 years warranty


Buy Olivon FZ 8×40 binoculars here

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