Helios Lightwing HR 8×32 binoculars. Blog post October 2019

In what was one the the fastest decisions I have ever seen, a customer who came to the Optics weekend at Northern Optics , Barton Upon Humber looking for a set of good quality binoculars , without spending a large amount.

Keeping to budget, I let the customer look through a set of Helios Lightwing HR 8×32 binoculars. Before we could get a second ste out, he said “I,ll av em”. Guess that says it all, and gives an idea of how good they are. He could not believe how bright an image you could get from just 32mm objectives.

These are one of those binoculars that prove ED glass is not the only important factor to look out for with binoculars. High quality prisms and their coatings can out peform many similar priced ED versions with standard silver coated prisms. The only way you can see this for yourself is to try different binoculars out.

The Helios Lightwing HR come with a nice soft case, padded strap, lens covers and a 5 year warranty.

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