Hawke Endurance 8×32 ED binoculars. Blog post July 2019

A customer visited the Northern Optics Optics weekend looking for a lightweight set of binoculars for use when out cycling. After trying a number of 25mm and 26mm options, they ended up getting a slightly larger set in the form of the Hawke Endurance 8×32 ED binoculars . Despite being around twice the weight of the 25mm binoculars, they still only come in at 539g, making them ideal for use while cycling.

A padded comfort strap also was a benefit , as they made them comfortable to wear if used on a long session. Another factor was the bright image the larger 32mm objectives gave over the small sets. Lastly despite being a little heavier than other binoculars tested on the day, the larger body meant they “felt right” according to the customer.

As with all our customers who visit our North Lincolnshire Optics Weekends you get the added benefit of trying before you buy. You do not get this by purchasing on-line

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