Visionary Nature Scout 20×50 monocular review VI332469


The Visionary Nature Scout 20×50 is a limited edition bundle designed for long distance terrestrial use, plane and ship spotting.

So out the box you are greeted by a tidy and uncluttered monocular. Focus is done by turning the eyepiece. This design uses porro prism optics which like for like give better performance than roof prism. The spec is Bk7 prisms with fully coated optics. But they still give better than expected sharpness and contrast with an acceptable field of view. But by far the biggest plus point was the eye relief. I found that with the eye cup folded down, I was able to get full view with spectacles on. Also the fold down eye cups stay down when folded.

With the kit as standard the Visionary Nature scout 20×50 comes with lens caps, case, wrist strap and mini table top tripod. There may be an option of a hand grip depending on where you buy from

Maybe not recommended for bird watching. But for longer distance work, the Nature scout 20×50 monocular will not disappoint

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