Tal Klevsov Lunar image 7th March 2017

Used a Tal Klevsov 8″ (200mm) with a Canon EOS 1100D to take this photo of the Moon. One thing about this telescope is the narrow field of view, so you can not get the full disc in. But an advantage is that less cropping is needed for close ups.

To get prime focus with this telescope, a short extension tube is needed due to not enough inward focus travel. But I was able to do this by simply using a 2x barlow with the lens element removed.

Focus is critical. So as always with my astro images I used magnified live view. This was a single RAW file 160th sec at 100 ISO. Processing was done in DPP (digital photo professional). I found compared to my Tal 4″ refractor contrast was lower. This was improved in editing. If taking single Lunar images, we always recommend using RAW files. This is because you can bring out so much more detail that would be lost in a JPEG

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