Helios Quantum-4 20×90 Binoculars Review


In my opinion a much better, sharper and wider view than the 25×100 Quantum-3s. Both at home when used for long distance terrestrial work or astronomy. Although I found I could hand hold for short periods, a heavy duty tripod is a must have. For such a powerful pair of binoculars, depth of field seems very good. This means for very minimal focusing needed.

For astronomy, I use these more than my telescope. The colours in stars appear so much vivid. At 20x it will split many doubles. Even though you cant make out much detail, the planets Jupiter and Saturn look majestic. Saturn and its Moons give a amazing 3D effect.

Individual eye piece focus is quite stiff, but wont knock out of position once set. Eye relief is very long, but I found it best to leave the rubber eye cups folded down all the time.

Nitrogen waterproof for use in all conditions. Complete with a high quality aluminium case. There is a neck strap provided, but I have never figured out why anyone would risk hanging these around their necks

Very highly recommended



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