Helios Lightquest-HR 10×50 binoculars overview 30141


An 8 elements in 5 groups eyepiece lens assembly is just one standout feature of the new Helios Lightquest-HR 10×50 binoculars. This ensures edge to edge quality with comfortable viewing with or without spectacles on.

Another clever addition is caged shock proof prisms that should absorb many knocks and bumps. Exception optics that are housed in an almost retro designed body. But although the style looks old fashioned, there is nothing old about the magnesium alloy body with a soft leatherette outer

As standard these are nitrogen waterproofed to IPX& standard, meaning not only will they keep out the damp, they are also waterproof for a depth of 1 metre for 30 minutes

These binoculars are aimed for mid to long range use. But in particular low light oberving and wide field astronomy.  At 1320g these are no lightweights. But that is due to the solid construction built to last. If you do find them too heavy to hand hold, they do come with a sturdy tripod adaptor as standard

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