Helios Apollo 28×110 Binoculars Review


Make no mistake, these are BIG. At 7.1kg you will need a substantial tripod. Don’t even try to hand hold. As you would expect, you get a very bright image. These are designed for long distance terrestrial and astronomical use. A slight disappointment was the amount of chromatic aberration that was evident. Good eye relief and wide eye pieces make for comfortable viewing. On the subject of eye pieces, they Will accept 1.25″ filters.

Although I only tested in daylight, I would say they are great comet hunters, and Saturn must be a splendid sight. The flat field gives great edge of view sharpness.

Compared to other similar 110mm observational binoculars, these are under priced. So are excellent value for money.

With such a heavy binocular, you will need to handle with extreme care to avoid knocks. The sliding central bar helps balancing when mounted.

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