Hawke Optics T-rings

Why do Northern Optics sell and recommend Hawke Optics T-rings ?. In order to get a safe and secure lock on to your SLR / DSLR body, the t-ring needs to be of a good quality. Your camera locking pin clicks into a groove on the t-ring to hold it in place. For this to happen, there is a small groove on the adapter for the camera pin to slot in to. Unfortunately some t-rings groove is not wide or deep enough. End result is that your camera may continue to turn, and worse case scenario will fall off.

The grove problem has no such trouble with Hawke Optics t-rings. The camera pin clicks securely in to position, leaving you free to concentrate on taking great photos.

In the past, we sold a well known brand name t-ring before we discovered Hawke adapters. With the other brand there were 2 incidents of cameras slipping, and on 2 occasions, the camera fell off. Since moving to Hawke, there has been 100% success rate.

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