Celestron Ultima spotting scope Vs Hawke Optics Nature Trek spotting scope

For this comparison I used the Celestron Ultima 80/45 and a Hawke Optics Nature Trek 80/45. Both were non ED models.

First of all lets start with the optics. They both use the same 80mm objective and 20-60x eyepiece. So no difference there.

As for the Price. At £199 the Hawke is more expensive than the £165 Celestron. So lets go through what extras you get for the premium of £34.00

  1. Lens shade. The Hawke has a pull-out lens shade. Ideal for keeping out stray light, and dust on a windy day. Also helps protect the vulnerable lens from straying finger tips. The Celestron lens shade does not pull out
  2. Stay-on-case. With the Celestron Ultima, it is more of a carry case that can be used as a stay-on-case. You will need to slide your hand down inside the case to access the focus wheel. With the Hawke, you get all the holes in the side of the case for easy access.
  3. Rubber covering. The Hawke seems to me to be the better quality.
  4. Aluminium case. The Hawke comes with a superb aluminium case to keep everything safe in transit. The Celestron only comes with the stay-on (carry case)
  5. Cleaning cloth. The Hawke comes with the best microfibre cloth I have ever used. So another tick for the Hawke
  6. Warranty. The Celestron comes with 2 years parts and labour. The Hawke comes with 10 years parts and labour
  7. Eyepiece case. OK here,s where the Celestron gets one over on the Hawke. It comes with a plastic protective case. The Hawke does not have a separate case for the eyepiece.

So summing up. They both have the same optics. So if this is the only thing that is important to you, go for the Ultima. If you all the extras you get with the Hawke is important, you will find from the above that you get A LOT more for the extra £34.00.

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