Hawke Premier 8×42 Binoculars Review


The Hawke Premier 8×42 binoculars at first glance to not give any evidence why they have the incredibly low price of £64.95. They feel lightweight yet solid. Nothing feels lose. They look stylish, with twist eye cups and a slick roof prism design.

Optics are excellent for the price. In the centre of view there is a mere hint of false colour. Brightness, colours and contrast are very good for the money. But remember these are budget binoculars, so the sweet spot is very heavily centre weighted. There is a fall off in quality away from centre, with more CA, and bowing of straight lines, but by no means enough to put you off. These remain superb value for money.

The twist eye cups are not silky smooth like the more expensive Hawkes, but do the job. I found I got a full field of view with spectacles on.

Handling in excellent. A combination of weighing just 650 and a tough rubber body covering helps.

At around 3m close focus and a narrower field of view than many other Hawkes, you are losing out a little. But remember the price of just £64.95

You still get nitrogen waterproofing for your money. So no corner cutting there.

Summing up. These will not match the Nature Trek, Endurance and Frontier Hawke binoculars, but for £64.95 you will be hard pushed to get a better set for the money

Very highly recommended

Buy the superb Hawke Premier 8×42 binoculars online here


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