Hawke Nature-Trek 7×30 binoculars. Customer review

A customer came to the Northern Optics retail outlet with £60-£80 to spend on a general use pair of binoculars. Despite trying more expensive 8×42 and 8×25 binoculars, they were drawn back to the Hawke Nature-Trek 7×30 binoculars. Not because they were they cheapest at £69 (date of sale), but because they “felt right”.

Apart from the quality of optics and wide field of view, they got top marks for being easy to use and lightweight. The couple found the twist eye cups very easy and fast to operate. This was very useful, with one being a spectacle wearer and the other was not.

Despite only being 7x magnification, the couple found it very easy to pick out objects at a distance. The extreme wide field of view made finding moving targets easy


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