Hawke Nature Trek 10×25 binoculars #35053

A customer bought a set of Hawke nature trek 10×25 binoculars at the Northern Optics¬†weekend outlet , Barton Upon Humber as a 2nd set to compliment a larger pair he currently owned.

Given the choice between the Hawke and another slightly cheaper set, he chose the Nature Treks due to the fully multi-coated optics giving the slightly brighter and sharper view, though it was minimal.

It was nice to meet a customer who fully understood optics and how to set binoculars. We both agreed with the minor flaw with these (and believe me this is a very minor issue). They are quite long eye relief, and the twist cups just fall short by a couple of mm when fully outward. This only means for non spectacle wearers you may need to hold them away from the eye,s even with the cups fully out. But for some, who do not like binoculars touching their eye brows, this is a good thing.

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