Hawke Frontier PC 10×32 binoculars. Customer review

A couple came to the Northern Optics retail outlet at Barton’s Waters Edge visitors centre with a few requirements. They were looking for a lightweight pair of binoculars for taking abroad. 10x magnification and close focus were on the list of important factors. After trying out a few sets, they went for the Hawke Frontier PC 10×32 binoculars.

The Frontier PC 10x32s ticked all the boxes. Handing was great, optics were impressive, and the close focus was much better than expected. It was a close run thing between these and the slightly larger 42mm versions. The lightness of the 10x32s was the deciding factor.

The couple were also very happy with the hard case (ideal for travelling) and the thick padded neck strap

Contact Northern Optics by clicking here to enquire about stock levels

**Update** The Hawke Frontier PC range were discontinued in 2012. They have been replaced by the Endurance PC. The Endurance PC range can be purchased from the link shown above


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