Hawke Endurance ED 10×25 binoculars . Blog post May 2019

A compact set of binoculars ideal for bird-watching. That was the requirements for a couple visiting the Optics weekend at the Waters` edge visitor centre, Northern Optics display. They tried out a number of sets, before realising that 25mm compacts were best for putting inside the coat pocket.

If they had not seen any other sets, they commented on how the Hawke Vantage would have been adequate. But the Hawke Nature-Trek and Endurance ED seemed much more of a draw, with the Endurance ED giving a noticeably brighter image in their opinion. After 1st going for the 8×25, they ended up going for the Hawke Endurance 10×25 binoculars. The extra magnification was a factor. But also the fact they still gave a wide field of view was a major plus point.

From our point of view, these feel very solid despite the lightweight body. Eye relief is good, chromatic aberration is low , plus contrast is very good. Perhaps the focus wheel is a little small for use with gloves on, but due to the design, this is something you get with all double hinge 25mm compacts.

Available to purchase from Northern Optics

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