Ostara PL10mm eyepiece review

The Ostara PL10mm 1.25″ eyepiece comes packaged in a handy bolt case. No eyepiece caps are included. Build quality is well up there with similar models. It feels very solid to hold. The eye cup is fold down. As eye relief is quite short, I recommend having this folded down at all times. Even when folded down, there is still enough of the eye cup protruding to keep your eyes from touching the lens.

So as for the optics. I tested on the Moon, using a Tal 200k telescope. The 10mm eyepiece gave 200x. Considering the telescope had,nt been cooled down much, the results were excellent. Detail inside the craters and rifts were clear to see. Contrast was very good. Despite the short eye relief, I found viewing very comfortable.

There was a slight colour cast compared to some more expensive eyepieces. But if £25 is your budget, then the results are more than acceptable. I could detect no chromatic aberration, which was another plus point

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