Ostara PL 6.5mm plossl eyepiece for planetary viewing


The Ostara PL 6.5mm eyepiece is a sturdy and well made 1.25″ eyepiece. The 6.5mm is aimed at giving high power views of astronomical targets. There is no rubber eyecup. I found this not to be too much of an issue, but does allow a little stray light in. The internal is silver rather than black, as used in higher end Ostara Plossls.

To test this eyepiece I used a 12″ Dobsonian with a focal length of 1500mm. This gave a magnification of 237x. First off was the Planet Uranus. Once located , a clear blue disc was seen. Seeing was not great with the planet being low down. But other than some ghosting and a little flare, the result was more than acceptable for a lower end eyepiece. In fact I would say better than expected.

Then I turned to the tricky target of the famous double / double star in Lyra. With patience both doubles could be split in two, but only just. A little flaring from the stars made things difficult, but the split was clear. I did test with a higher spec fully multi-coated eyepiece on the same targets to find much sharper results. The the eyepiece in question cost 8x more to buy.

Overall the Ostara 1.25″ PL 6.5mm is a good eyepiece that will do the job if on a budget

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