Ostara 4mm Plossl eyepiece 1.25″


The Ostara 1.25″ 4mm plossl eyepiece nicely bridges the gap between budget kelner , modified achromatic etc eyepieces and higher grade (and cost) multi-coated and fully multi-coated plossls.

The Ostara version has a solid metal black / chrome  finish. Complete with lens caps and threaded to accept standard thread 1.25″ filters. The 4mm focal length will give a high power with most telescopes, so please check the power this eyepiece gives will not push the limits of your telescope beyond its capability.

To work out the magnification you simply divide the focal length of the telescope by 4(mm). So for example a Celestron Astromaster 130 with a focal length of 650mm will achieve 162.5x..This will be on the limit of what you can realistically use with this telescope.

Eye relief is short with this eyepiece, and the aperture is very small. So we do not recommend for use with spectacles on

The Ostara range of telescope eyepieces and accessories are becoming a popular  brand among the astronomy community. The basic plossl range are excellent value for money.

Click HERE to buy from Northern Optics. If you are unsure if a 4mm focal length eyepiece is suitable for your telescope, please contact us for advice

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