Celestron Ultima 65 Spotting Scope Review

The Celestron Ultima 65 spotting scope is an ideal alternative if the 80mm version is out of budget. Looks pretty similar to the 80 and 100mm spotters in design. Unlike the larger scopes, it comes with a smaller zoom eyepiece (unlike the 65ED that uses the same eyepiece as the 80 & 100 versions.

This smaller eyepiece on the 65mm is not as good in optical quality as the ultima 80. There is a slight yellow cast around the edge, but by no means enough to put you off. Because of the smaller diameter of the eyepiece you need an extra adapter to accept a T-ring, but this is included when you buy the scope new.

Handling is excellent, with the focus and zoom moving very freely. I found it easy to hand hold at lower magnifications.

Compared to many other 60-65mm scopes in the same bracket, the Ultima 65 easily comes out on top. Mainly because of the interchangeable eyepieces that are available from many dealers. If possible get the wide angle low power lens that transforms the image quality.

Low light performance is very good from such a small scope. If you are intersested in astronomy, then go for the larger versions.

The stay on case is not the best available, but does the job.

Verdict. Excellent value for money

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