Celestron Ultima 20-60×80/45 Spotting Scope

Mid priced spotting scope designed for photo/visual use. First things first. Before attaching the eye piece, remove the rubber eye cup to reveal the t-thread. You will find that straight out the factory this is not securely tightened. A quick firm clockwise turn will resolve this. Some retailers will do this in advance.

So what about the optics. The 20-60x zoom gives excellent low power views. This does tail off at higher power, where you get a much softer image. False colour is evident, but is definitely not a hindrance. For most situations you will be using 20-30x, and this will give superb results. The focus wheel and zoom adjustment are both silky smooth. Fixed magnification eye pieces are available from some retailers.

The eye cup is fold down, and eye relief is long enough for spectacle wearers. The stay on case is OK, but I have seen better. Rather than have an opening for the focus wheel, you will need to slide your hand down under the cover to reach it.

I hav,nt tested on astronomical targets, but I found the low light performance is very good. This is improved with a fixed 20x WA eyepiece.

For digi-scoping  , there is a t-thread on the zoom eye piece. This means all you need is a t-ring for £10-£20 to start taking SLR photos.

Unlike some others in this class the lens hod does not extend. For users in the UK the warranty is 2 years. The limited lifetime warranty on the box may be misleading

There is a sighting tube to aid finding targets, but I found it was never needed.

Recommended for bird watching and occassion astronomy

Excellent value for money and recommended

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