Barr and Stroud Sierra 8×32 Binoculars Review

Straight out the box for the first time, the Barr & Stroud Sierra 8×32 binoculars feel like quality. The Rubber protective covering looks and feels great. Just like the Barr and Stroud Series 4 binoculars, the twist out cups are solid yet easy to adjust.

Optically they are superb. With the eye cups twisted fully in, I could detect no internal reflection whatsover. This helps with the contrast. The image is as bright as many other 42mm models. Colours are sharp and crisp. I tested looking into the shaded areas below shrubs, and could easily pick out details in the dark shadows. Infact the image brightness seemed as good as the Series-4 8x42s I was testing at the same time.

The optics are not ED. So there is some chromatic aberration , and fall off in edge quality, but this by no means distracts you.

Handling is excellent. They balance easily in the hands for prolonged observations. I found focus from infinity down to around 15ft is achieved with a little over a quarter trun of the focus wheel.

Very highly recommended

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