Optical Hardware T2 mount for connecting SLR , DSLR cameras

T2 mount

T2 mounts, t-mouts, t-rings or t-adapters . There are many ways people describe this adapter. I call them a t-ring. Designed to connect many SLR or DSLR camera bodies to a telescope or spotting scope.

To connect to the telescope you will need a t-adapter. This is a simple device that fits on to the scope, with a thread for the t-ring. Some telescopes have this t-thread direct on the telescope focuser, or in some cases direct on the eyepiece

For best results use no eyepiece. This is called prime focus photography. Because the light is travelling through less glass and mirrors, you will get a brighter view with higher contrast.

Taking images through an eyepiece , or eyepiece projection may give higher magnification but quality will be reduced. But providing you are taking images through a high grade spotting scope with a quality eyepiece , you will get excellent results

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