Night Scenes guide to simple astrophotography. By Paul Money FRAS FBIS


Ideal and simple to read introduction to SLR astrophotography
Full of helpful hints on how to capture the wonders of the heavens just using an SLR camera and various lenses

55 page paper back

illustrations and/or example photographs on every page

1; Basics about the night sky
2; Cameras , lenses, tripods etc
3; How to shoot star trails
4; But I want stars as stars !
5; Capturing Planets and conjunctions
6; Our nearest neighbour, the Moon
7; Comets and meteors
8; Aurorae, Noctilucent clouds and Halos
9; Artificial satellites and Zodical light
10; DSO,s and processing
11; Nightscapes + mistakes can be fun too !

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